• 15 сентября 2016, четверг
  • Москва, Moscow, Oktyabrskaya subway station, Leninsky ave., 4

First museums practical conference "Open museum"

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1012 дней назад
15 сентября 2016 c 10:00 до 18:00
Moscow, Oktyabrskaya subway station, Leninsky ave., 4

Conference for natural-science, technical-science museums, science promotion centers and exploratoriums employees. This conference called to become a great step in creation of proactive society around science promotion centers activity and one of the ways of increasing loyalty to technical-science museums.

Organizers: “Evolutsiya” Fund with support of Russian Venture Company (RVC) 


Audience around 100+ guests, among them:

  • representatives of russian and foreign natural-science,  technical-science museums, science promotion centers and exploratoriums

  • representatives of non-core museums, museum communities, institutions of museum support

  • specialists in museology, museum design, culture design

  • specialists in territory development (experienced with local societies)

  • makers

  • science popularizers (scientists, science journalists)


Discussion about major museum survey results of “Otkryto” project is planned within the conference:


  • generalization of received information about the best russian and foreign practices

  • discussion around selected problems of russian museums and hypotheses about their solutions

  • discussion about adaptation and scaling  of best Russian and international experience


Basic subjects of discussion:


  • Prospective decisions for usage at profile museums, that was found at other type of museums and locations

  • why is it so difficult to involve children, teenagers and their parents with modern museums content

  • the most difficult points in work with teenage audience. What to do to make people visit museum more often. How to make museum interesting to children and teenagers.

  • interesting projects/formats of interaction with children and teenagers aimed to increase attendance of museums and centers

  • what external specialists, connections, support can help in museums development and creating communities? How to consolidate people around museum? What representatives of science or museum environment is worth to cooperate?

  • going out from museum: exhibits export to tech-science shows in kindergartens and schools

  • special programs for different social groups: teachers, retired, elderly people, special programs for teenagers, who leaved education, for children from dysfunctional families

  • Mediators, coaches,  facilitators, explainers — modern role of explorers in museum environment

  • Analysis and design of museums, as one of the ways of territory development through development of human capital and interaction with local societies.


The headliners:

 Sabina Barcucci  Creative Manager of MUSE, Italy 

 Svenja Gaube the head of the Visitor Service Department, German museum of technology, Germany

Monika Borecka, Coordinator of the Family Workshop (workshops for children at the ages 5-8 and their parents). CENTRUM NAUKI KOPERNIK, Poland.


Presentstions, discussions, brainstorms, seminars, master-classes.


Participation: Elena Grishneva, 8-906-785-33-41, elena.grishneva@hubspeakers.ru

For mass-media: Thalia Ahmetova8-985-441-75-44, akhmetova.taliya@gmail.com


Moscow, Oktyabrskaya subway station, Leninsky ave., 4, National survey technology university "MISiS"


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